• My Hypno Birthing Story
    I am the happiest person in the world and the loving mother of 2 beautiful girls, D is 3.10 y.o and V, 9 days old. Both of them I had here in Perth at Family Birth Centre, both were natural births. Yet there is almost 4 […]
  • Online Hypnotherapy Sessions
    Because I know exactly what it means to be fighting with depression, anxiety, stress, I know that the period of self-isolation can be extremely hard. For both children, adults and families. For single people with OCD, health anxiety, phobias and unhealthy coping strategies such as drinking, […]
  • (Russian) Гипнороды: Дыхание в родах
    Шаг Первый: Изучи теорию Шаг Второй: Тренируйся заранее Шаг Третий: Дыши! **** ШАГ 1: Теория: Дыхание в гипнородах в принципе очень похоже на те техники дыхания, которым учат на обычных курсах по подготовке к родам. Однако есть важные, на мой взгляд различия! Первое: ты должна научиться […]
  • Hypnosis & the Language of Your Subconscious
    Photo Credit: Google It seems to be a common believe that subconscious speaks one language that is the language you grew up with. The reality is, your subconscious speaks the language of emotions, images, sounds and smells. All your experiences have been coded into your brain […]
  • FREE NLP Training: Secret Habit for Effective Manifestation
    When you set a goal, your subconscious mind does not have a clue of what is it exactly that you want, so it may, and often will sabotage you, simply because it liked the current routine you are in and holds tight to those daily habits […]
  • Treating Ross River Virus and other incurable diseases with Self-Hypnosis
    In the months following the discovery of the cause of me feeling so unusual (fatigue, poor concentration, memory loss, and others “non-specific symptoms”) I faced a huge stocktake of my values and capabilities. Something I always praised highly in myself as well as others – intellect […]