Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Because I know exactly what it means to be fighting with depression, anxiety, stress, I know that the period of self-isolation can be extremely hard. For both children, adults and families. For single people with OCD, health anxiety, phobias and unhealthy coping strategies such as drinking, smoking, gambling, even news checking and online shopping can sometimes be unhealthy. 

Yet hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy is one of the safest forms of brief short term therapy, and I invite you to reach out and access the help that is available for you. 

What's on Offer?

[Online Group Hypno Meditations] Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction

Weekly meditations to practice that are proven to reduce stress. This is your “me” time to tune in and restore the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. To unwind and relax. To drift off somewhere pleasant where you can release all worry and anxiety and stay in this bliss for the duration of the session. 

I will offer you a personal holiday for your mind while you stay in the comfort of your home. I ask for $5 donation as an exchange of energy. It’s ok to come at no cost if you can not afford it, or donate other amount to help me support those families that are in need right now. 

Reserve your spot now (attendance is limited to 100 participants).

[Online Support Small Private Circle] Share and Hypno Care Support

I will be holding the space for a few people in each session. We will talk and share the feelings and emotions and define the targets. Each session you are invited to share and participate in a short targeted hypno meditation. Sometimes just voicing your concerns is healing in itself, but we will take it further as I offer my expertise and the power of trancework to talk directly to your subconscious mind. 

This format is ideal if you have escalating stress and anxiety, need to psychotherapy but can not afford private sessions. I fully understand because I am also a mother of 2 young kids that will now stay at home. And I am also a small business owner who lost a good part of the business. If you need help – I will help. No questions asked, non-judgemental and safe! 

Each session will be limited to 7 participants. I ask for $15 and preferably commitment to 3-4 sessions (because you will benefit so much more if you attend a few sessions!).

To make use of this opportunity and to secure your appointment now, contact me now.

[Online Private Hypnotherapy Appointments] One-on-one Hypnosis Sessions

This option is for all my clients who are self-isolating but want to continue therapy and those people, who knows they need individual sessions. Because the truth is – although the circumstances may be similiar for different individuals, their personal history and response is unique, therefore 1:1 hypnotherapy will be faster and more appropriate. 

For new clients I offer 30 minutes free consultation that can be extended in a full session for only $115 (normally $180!). 

To make use of this opportunity and to secure your appointment now, contact me now.

What is Hypnosis and How Does it Work?

Unlike popular perception acquired from watching entertainment stage hypnotists, clinical hypnosis utilises the person’s natural power of entering a relaxed state of mind and body. When the mind is focussed and body relaxes, it is possible to tap into imagination and provide benevolent suggestions to the subconscious mind – directly where emotions, habits, fears, negative self-talk, past memories are stored.

You can try it out for yourself – Head to my YouTube channel, hit Subscribe button and enjoy my Progressive Relaxation Hypno Meditation!