Self Hypnosis for Childbirth | Hypnotic Birth: A Better Approach for every Mum to Be

The list of benefits of self hypnosis (hypno birthing) is long, from reduced medical interventions and need for chemical pain relief ….. to healthy confidence, fear-free attitude and ability to stay calm and relaxed throughout all stages of labour.

When you contact me about hypnobirthing and learning self hypnosis, you can expect personalised approach and custom crafted plan. The sessions are based on best practice techniques, yet structured and delivered specifically for you. It is a unique blend of most effective evidence based tools to empower you throughout your pregnancy and birth of your beautiful child.

That also allows reduced number of sessions compared to any conventional training and deeper level of engagement that allows achieving ever better results.

I specifically focus on teaching you self hypnosis as I believe the best way is to empower you to be in charge, in the end, this is your baby and your body knows best how to give birth and how deep to relax to allow Nature do all the work for you.

Yes, you will receive the recording and personalised meditations, and I encourage you to listen to them for home practice, yet I have full confidence that you will be able to self induce relaxation and stay on top of every surge because you learn the skill yourself.

Typical Flow of Hypnotic Birthing sessions

Although we follow a typical flow with education and practice included in each of the sessions, we make it a unique experience – truly yours (and your partner’s) at each step.

Because each baby – and mother – is unique, your hypnotic birthing training is unique too!

We can even prepare for a change of plans and emergency situations to add to your comfort. 

Hypno Birthing Session 1: Education and Relaxation

We will establish goals and positive suggestions.

You receive brief theory and handouts for home practice, as well as in session trance experience of:

  • Breathing techniques (calm breathing, surge breathing, breathing out technique)
  • Deepen relaxation
  • Visualisations
  • Affirmations
  • Anchors
  • Light Touch Pressure Release Massage

You leave the session pampered and relaxed like never before, with a personalised recording to listen and practice at home and with your birth partner

Hypno Birthing Session 2: Pain Release

Learn about and practice in trance hypnotic techniques for pain free birth

  • Sensations alterations
  • Dissociation
  • Time distortion
  • Hypnotic Anaesthesia

I guarantee you will be amazed with you body ability to induce natural pain relief.

You will again receive your personalised recording to use at home and in labor as well as a written script for your birth partner to induce the hypnotic anesthesia when needed.

Hypno Birthing Session 3: Release Fears and Discomfort

This session is focused on releasing any fears associated with childbirth, and – again – empowering you how you can easily release any negative emotion.

As unfortunately there is still lot of negative talk and pressing even by medical teams, and you want to be able to deal confidently with whatever life presents you with, don’t you?

There is a number of unique techniques and you will learn what is applicable for your specific needs.

Hypno Birthing Session 4 (at full term): Birth Day Rehearsal

Congratulations ! When you come to this session it means you are ready to meet your child. There is a good chance that you might go in labour in a few days post this Birth Day Rehearsal, this is why we only conduct it after you reach full term with your pregnancy.

You will enter the magic space shuttle (or however you choose to travel in future!) and re-live your ideal birth day and experience it in trance from the beginning right through the moment you hold you baby in your hands! Our goal is to give your subconscious a clear positive blueprint, and instil confidence, gratitude and excitement for this important day in your and your baby’s lives.

Hypno Birthing Sessions Duration

Each session lasts 1.5-2 hours and you can expect a light amount of homework assignment in printed and audio-video formats.

Your Investment

Depending on your needs I offer a “package” or individual consultation. Private Health Funds may cover some of the sessions’ cost

Please contact me directly for a confidential free discussion. Your baby journey starts from the moment of conception and birth is a significant milestone in both yours and your baby lifes. My heartfelt desire is to provide best possible birth experience and ensure lifelong health and bonding for you and your precious beautiful child.

Still have questions? I practice personal approach and more than happy to answer your question over the phone or though online enquiry form or even in person. Call me on 0401 256 724 for a confidential discussion of your specific needs.

Your Body Knows How to Birth
Boost your Comfort and Confidence

By investing a little time into addressing your concerns and learning self-hypnosis and hypnotic birthing techniques for pain relief you will be calmer, more relaxed and confident for the important day of your child’s birth. 

from 20 weeks pregnant
Weekly sessions
% less likely use of any drugs for pain relief (Cockrane review)