Treating Ross River Virus and other incurable diseases with Self-Hypnosis

In the months following the discovery of the cause of me feeling so unusual (fatigue, poor concentration, memory loss, and others “non-specific symptoms”) I faced a huge stocktake of my values and capabilities. Something I always praised highly in myself as well as others – intellect and cognition – seemed have failed me completely. Thinking was hard, impossible on some days, disorientation and lack of control over my body lead me to hitting walls and being unable to drive my car on some days.

I also had to seek an effective treatment for my symptoms, something that will give me hope and relief. This is where self-hypnosis came handy. Although I did not study it in 2012, I applied it naturally.

Being gentle and able to let go and just practice mindfulness and acceptance, detached witnessing and forgiveness allowed me to accept my new reality.

Falling pregnant during the course of disease allowed me to find ways to express gratitude to my body despite the virus. All this just kept me afloat during those long months of wait for the virus to leave my body. And although I do not feel 100% as I was before Ross River Virus, I am stronger than I was before.

Here is the stock take of Six Self-Hypnosis Techniques that anyone can easily learn and use for their own health condition. These methods are universal and evidence based.

1. Relaxation.

Deep diaphragm breathing is well researched method to control symptoms of anxiety and stress. It is so easy yet extremely effective and has endless areas of application, from preventing panic attacks to pain free childbirth (yet, I have done this too!)

2. Anchors.

I spent a lot of time learning to apply my strengths and positive states during challenging times. It’s fascinating how smart our bodies are, and how we can access any emotion or memory though muscle manipulation. Neuro Linguistic Programming is the specialized modality that have researched application of anchors for excellence in life.

3. Hypno-meditation.

Dissociation from the body and suffering does have a therapeutic effect and allows mind to recharge and rest while also resetting the body. Effects from deep 30 mins meditation may last up to 6 hours and with so many methods to meditate you can surely find the one that suits you! (ask me to share my favorite meditations with you!).

4. Mindfullness practice.

On contrary, becoming present and emerged in Now has its own therapeutic benefits, along with quiet mind, clear insight and increased satisfaction in life.

5. Cellular repair.

Yes we can talk to our body, organs and cells. And we can set a positive framework to repair the damaged cells and stimulate immune system to flush out any virus. It’s rewarding and empowering and I am grateful I can now share this with the world

6. Stop and Redirect.

This technique I use with almost every client in therapy. It allows to stop negative thoughts, rumination about the past and anticipation of the future. It then allows the person to choose the qualities, emotions, thoughts and behaviors that will be more benevolent for you and others.

Feel free to get in touch if you require additional information or seeking to learn any of the techniques mentioned above, or simply want to talk to me as therapist and allow me to work with you to achieve better health.