Hypnosis & the Language of Your Subconscious

Photo Credit: Google

It seems to be a common believe that subconscious speaks one language that is the language you grew up with.

The reality is, your subconscious speaks the language of emotions, images, sounds and smells. All your experiences have been coded into your brain and nervous system, and words are simply a mean to decipher accessed memories. As long as you understand the meaning of words, your subconscious will respond by providing information you enquire.

Can you imagine a movie that has captions in a different language? This is a similar process, when the “movie” stays the same and arouse same emotions, no matter that language it is translated into, as long as the viewer can understand that language.

Another popular misconception is that the therapist may not understand me. The nature of hypnosis is that it is quite often content free and any trained hypnotherapist in Perth will be cautious about NOT bringing her worldview into the session, maintaining clean language and using client’s metaphors and key phrases. Again, this is because they allow access to the internal representations, emotions and memories.

To summarise, your subconscious will relate equally well to a hypnotherapy session conducted in English, if you speak this language adequately, no matter a what age you learnt it.