If you are currently going through one or more of these experiences, I can help!

  1. Are you suffering from stress, anxiety or depression and want to feel happier and more in charge of your emotions?
  2. Are you struggling with negative thinking, self-esteem issues or bad habits you want to break but just can’t?
  3. Is childhood trauma, PTSD, a phobia or unresolved fear stopping you from living a full and vibrant life?
  4. Do you want a better way to manage chronic pain, phantom pains, or post-surgery recovery?
  5. Do you seek to lose weight with more joy and success?
  6. Do you want to reduce performance anxiety, concentrate better while studying, advance your personal development and self awareness?
  7. Are you pregnant and seek assistance with fear release, breathing and drug-free pain relief during pregnancy and childbirth? 
  8. Are you open to holistic ways to improve your physical health through cellular repair, positive visualisation and self-direction?

You’re not alone, let’s explore how I could help you feel better.



Elena Volodchenko

Perth Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist

specialising in evidence-based Integrative Cognitive-Behavioral HypnoTherapy (iCBT) 

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Did you know that the majority of patients of psychotherapists experienced “breakthrough” (improvement) when they in fact entered a trance state, even for a brief moment, to make readjustments and accept new beliefs and behaviors?

Hypno-psychotherapy builds on this evidence. It provides safe and quick resolution for psychological issues, promotes mental health and self-awareness and allows safe space to rehearse desired new behaviours.

Elena is a hypnotherapist in Perth trained in a evidence-based Integrative Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (iCBT), an approach that combines the benefits of Cognitive Behavioral therapy with trancework (aka hypnosis) to engage the subconscious mind in problem solving. What it means is that this therapy method is proven to be effective and used by many psychologists and psychotherapists as well as General Practitioners in Australia and worldwide. Elena is also Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Timeline Therapist.

During the session you will explore your behaviours and internal and external triggers, then develop benevolent strategies that are put in place during the trancework (hypnosis) via suggestions, metaphors and rehearsal. In addition, a variety of NLP techniques are used, as well as timelining (age regression and progression, time distortion).

Areas of application (specialisation):

- Anxiety and stress

- Negative thinking

- Pregnancy and Childbirth

- Chronic pain management

- Weight management (weight loss)

- Bad habits elimination (nail biting, smoking, drinking, emotional eating)

- Improve confidence, self-worth/self-esteem

- Phobias and fears of all natures

- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Childhood Trauma

- Personal development and self awareness

- Performance Anxiety

- Studying and Concentration

- Emotional adjustment

- Physical Health (Cellular repair, phantom pains, post-surgery recovery)

Your first consultation includes free 30 minutes session to determine the problem, therapeutic application and treatment plan. Subsequently, we take 3 to 12 one-on-one sessions to address and overcome what you are struggling with.

I am registered Professional with the Australian Hypnotherapist Association, and have a Health care provider number for rebates from participating health funds and according to your level of coverage.

To make an appointment now enquire by phone 0401 256 724.

"Elena, I have great news - I have found a great job! Your program worked magic in just 1 session! I surprised myself, how confident and calm I was on the interview. And when falling asleep at night - I heard a distant voice saying "Well done, you will get everything you want". I thought initially I was dreaming, but then it repeated next night. You are awesome! Real Fairy!!! Your hypnotherapy really works. I got 2 job offers after just 2 weeks of looking for a job. And one offer was for accounts manager - the job I really wanted. I ended up accepting this offer. Thank you, Lena!" 

Alice A, Perth (worked on building confidence and accepting responsibility, suggestion therapy)


"Hi Elena, Fantastic the work you did with the hypnosis. Absolutely incredible the answers came to me on the weekend, you have a powerful gift. Opens the door to what you want. Thank you!"

PW, Perth (worked on accepting emotional response and being wiser in dealing with people's emotions)


Video review by Nadya L (worked on weight management and mindful eating behaviour, age regression, time line therapy)


"I suffered from claustrophobia for many years after I had been stuck in a lift as a teenager. Every time I needed to use a lift or enter a small closed space (metro or small room), I had a panic attack even though I consciously understood there was no reason to be afraid. I preferred to use stairs for years. After just one session with Elena on fast phobia cure I felt a relief. It was natural and easy, I just forgot to become afraid when I enter the small rooms and lifts now. I wish I had done this many years ago! Elena is a talented hypnotherapist and I recommend everyone who has any fears, phobias or traumatic past experience to come to see Elena as soon as possible".

AA, Perth (worked on claustrophobia) 


"Thank you, Elena! I relaxed so deeply, as if I was re-born!"

Ester M G (viewed my Youtube video on breathing and relaxation in childbirth, https://youtu.be/eJjyBH_6pW4)


Why learning Self-Hypnosis (HypnoBirthing) is so important for every pregnant woman?

Did you know that mothers who used self hypnosis in childbirth (often called hypnobirthing) had

- 2 times reduced rate of emergency C-section?

- 1/3 less tearing

I am excited to share my personal experience applying self hypnosis during labour and the birth of my daughter.

Warning! Personal story, potentially distressing content.

I was in the news last week, giving an interview about the impact Ross River Virus had on me. This is a rare virus transmitted by mosquitoes, and I was lucky enough to get it!

It's January now. In this time of the year, I invite you to ask yourself  “Why have I failed to achieve my goals in the past? How can I change it in the New Year?”

Have you wondered what caused you to not succeed in the past? Would you like to learn a simple yet powerful technique, that will get your subconscious on board with your New Year Resolutions, so you can achieve more goals faster?

Most successful or famous people used exactly this technique multiple times before they achieved what they have achieved. It is so simple that even kids can do it yet so often overlooked by us, adults.

I have been asked multiple times now, “Will hypnosis work for me if I am not a native English speaker?”

Hypnobirthing Breathing Relaxation

Этот пост для будущих мам!

Дорогие мамы, я продолжаю делиться своим опытом – как гипнотерапевт и как мама, только что можно сказать родившая сама!

Хочу рассказать про техники дыхания и расслабления в родах.

Правильное дыхание и глубокое расслабление – секрет безболезненных родов. Возможно, ты уже слышала о взаимосвязи СТРАХ-НАПРЯЖЕНИЕ-БОЛЬ, и читала, смотрела или даже проходила сама тренинг о том, как правильно дышать во время родов.

НО как это будет в день Икс? Можно ли научить свое подсознание, чтобы оно в критической ситуации взяло на себя роль «дирижера» спокойного расслабленного дыхания, которое поможет уверенно прожить каждый момент сокращения и обеспечит максимально комфортное продвижение твоего ребенка по родовому каналу и навстречу самостоятельной жизни?

Правильный ответ - ДА! Пост ниже – о том, как это сделать самостоятельно и легко, в 3 легких шага!